Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reveiw: Moroccan Intense Hydration Mask and Maccadamia Deep Repair Masque


Moroccan Intense Hydration Mask is $36.99
Maccadamia Deep Repair Masque is $33.00

Left to right; Moroccan Intense Hydration Mask, ,Maccadamia Deep Repair Masque.
Both of theese products are amazing! The Moraccan Intense Hydration Mask is great for hydration and smelled great! Maccadamia Deep Repair Masque  mosturized and left my hair frizz free. The smell was great as well. I personally like the Maccadamia Deep Repair Masque more than the Moroccan Intense Hydration Mask because of my hair being frizz free as well as being hydraded.
Verdict: Repurchasing!

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